Arktide will help establish some of the first floating communities

The ArkPad


The ArkPad is the first floating structure that we will have available. These ‘pads’ are individual sections of a larger floating structure, they will be linked together underwater to create a single solid structure capable of carrying at least 7 metric tons, enough for one specially designed lightweight house. Larger numbers of ArkPads can be linked together to create larger platforms, the design is infinitely scalable, and the special homes built on top will be completely self sufficient.

Our goal for our first floating structure is to give people the ability to be completely self sufficient using only green energy. Each home will come with an array of solar panels on top to provide the occupants with their own electricity during the day, and underwater air batteries, so this energy can be released at night when the sun is no longer shining. Each home will also come with standard electric, and emergency solar water desalinators.

One of our future projects is to integrate Arktide’s floating cities with OTEC technology, allowing us to generate clean renewable electricity from pure seawater 24 hours per day. Learn more by reading our blog.

Our Business

Moving to the oceans for our future will bring about many new business opportunities. The platforms we build to support new life under the seas, will also support life above.
  • Deep sea marinas will provide rest and repairs during long journeys for boaters and commercial shipping
  • Offshore spaceports will allow safe expansion of spaceflight around the world
  • Resorts will provide greater opportunity to explore and appreciate the wonders of the seas
  • Supporting our oceans will allow them to provide not only enough to thrive, but an abundance of food for the world

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