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XPrize Carbon Sequestration

Arktide is competing in the Carbon Removal XPRIZE competition to develop system to remove over a gigatonne of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere annually. Arktide will use the OTEC process of upwelling of nutrient rich deep ocean water. This will support ecosystem-based fish farming and enhance natural mechanisms of carbon sequestration. Lastly, this column of cold water being brought up from the deep can be used to produce cheap, abundant, renewable energy.

From your imagination to reality

Early Construction​

After the launch of our upcoming series of prototypes, Arktide will scale up production and begin working on larger designs such as a floating marina. All of our designs will use our special Seasteading Cement which will allow these hulls to be produced cost effectively and survive for centuries in the ocean. We plan to build a large semi-circular structure in the Puerto Rico with commercial and residential space available inside. It could have several potential uses, from being a marina, to a dive shop, to containing restaurants and hotel rooms! More information will come out about this seastead when we begin building in the months to come.

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Juan Rosa

Sustainable Ocean Energy

Sustainable ocean energy is a largely untapped resource that has the potential to provide a significant amount of clean energy to meet the world’s growing demands. Forms of energy such as OTEC, wave, and current can be extracted and used for floating communities, datacenters, and even power lines back to land. Hydrogen can also be extracted for boats, cars, etc,

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